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Hey guys!


its been a while since i was last here, i moved back to mexico (From quebec) and i had basically dropped all guitar related subjects, had a blue-week last week where i was all nostalgic and all and i didnt want to tell anyone.. what to do? easy./run to guitar shop - buy guitar strings - run home -tune up - let the old gals come alive.


so now im back here as well, working on re*learning all the songs that ive forgotten, and planning on some real work again!


just wondering whome of the oldschool posters are still here .. and remember me =p


regards and nice sunday!

I Am But A Solution In Search Of A Problem.
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Hmmm...I don't recognize your post count but your name seems familiar.



An abreviated version of 20 questions:

What led to "basically dropp(ing) all guitar related subjects" ?

Where you at now ? (your data still lists QC)


- work and getting back to regular activities sucked the life out of me and not having much space to move around in made my guitars stay hidden for a bit, i sent space issues to hell though,


- im in Mexico City at the moment, and you are right, i stll have to update the profile info

I Am But A Solution In Search Of A Problem.
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Well, Ben, I don't know you but I hope all goes well with you, including all "guitar related activities".


If I lived in Mexico, (I DID live in Ciudad Juarez on the border for a while) I'd be glad to contribute, as in come over and jam and/or work on a song or two just for fun.)

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