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Hammond XM-2 vs. XK1?


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Hello! Is the Hammond XM-2 an XK-1 in a box (same electronics/programmability/tone)? The marketing hype doesn't really make this clear.


If any of you use the XM-2, I'd be curious to hear your opinion of it.


Thank you!


Kind regards,



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I had the XM-2 for a while when I was thinking about replacing the Xk-3. It sounded good and had more tweakability than the Xk-3. However, the real drawback of any Hammond module or software is the action of the board you are using to control it. Trying to use the XM-2 with a Roland Fantom as a controller was an annoying experience. It triggers way too late in the throw to get a real organ feel. Most controllers do.


Both the Hammond XK series and the Nord Electro 3 have high trigger points which make them more organ like. I am especially fond of the trigger settings on the NE3.

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The cable comes with it. You can also buy longer ones from computer stores. IIRC it is often labelled as an Apple printer cable but I think it is for older generation printers. I found some at a Fry's (sp). As far as I can tell the only real difference is that the XM-2 does not have the extra voices.
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