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Name my band!

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Dingbat Love?


D.B. & The Dweebies?


Dang Fandango?


The Spanish Flies?


Sugar Booger?


The Treefrogs?


Dingo's Tooth?


The Weedwhackers?


The Dayglo Pirates?


The Weekend Plumbers?


Hockey Pucks?


Okay, enough messing around. How about...


[font:Arial Black]The 24/7 Jazz Band?[/font]

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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Except the bandleader's name is Maciek Pysz!


I am warming to Tim R's point that an unusual spelling may not be so bad provided we produce lots of cards/flyers etc. I am booked on an Adobe In-design course next month with that in mind.


Also Davo's point about looking for available domain names in relevant.


I like some of the really wacky names.


Some one also made a really good point that the name actually doesn't matter too much.


We have a band meeting tonight before the guys have a gig (with Lenny B from the forum as my dep while I have a night off) and we're going to talk about names, new repertoire etc as the band leader is keen to get more gigs for this band - not just our regular late night Soho jazz club gig that pays peanuts.

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I like the movie title idea but that's not so good for net searches.

I am spending a while looking at lyrics and poetry for the perfect little line or phrase too.


Some of my favourites above that made me laugh out loud are very unsuitable.


So far I dug:


The lyric idea - I thought of Another Spring - anything to do with warmth, heat, sun or summer is attractive in England right now as it is freezing.


Map of Hawaii

Thank You

Green Eggs and Hamlet



I had no idea what that was - I had to google it.

O the Ironing

The Grooveyard

The Set-Up

The Rare Groovers

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Don't like it for Taters reasons.

Name usually is the toughest thing to agree on and like. I know, both groups I am in.. WildTime (we are neither 'wild' or on 'time') and Take3 (there are 4 of us in the group) It sounds to me that it takes 3 tries to get anything started.

I do like "The Set Up", its easy to say, remember and repeat!

Don't have a job you don't enjoy. If you're happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself, you'll have inner peace. ~ Johnny Carson
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