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Name my band!

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You probably know I play regularly with a jazz/fusion/soul/funk outfit. They're currently called 'The Lyveden Project' and while I love the name I'm also aware of the value of having a band name which people can recognise by hearing aloud and then google for.


They might decide to keep the name or change it.


Any cool name ideas appreciated. We do standards jazz style and also in funkified manner as well as some popular soul and funk tunes.


Repertoire includes:

The Red One - Pat Metheney

My Funny Valentine

My Favourite Things

This Masquerade


Chan Chan - Compay Segundo


Red Baron


500 Miles High

Song For My Father


You Don't Know what love is

Autumn Leaves

One Note Samba



Jeep on 35 - John Scofield



Cissy Strut


Canteloupe Island

Afro Blue

Blue Bossa


Ain't No Sunshine

Crazy (Gnarls Barkeley)

Take Your Momma Out




to give you a flavour - I'm keen to add more standards.


Any ideas on a name (hope the list helps give the context and also bear in mind the video I posted before)?



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Jazz For Dummies :grin: I'm actually not kidding, in a way it makes sense since you're playing lots of standards and all. Your audience might feel insulted and you could risk some form of copyright infringement (although I doubt it, as long as you don't start designing black'n'yellow logo's) but you gotta admit it's a name that'll stick :)
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Like an animal of Jazz. (that sounds really stupid)


Junk (a mix between Jazz and Funk.... :D couldn't resist)






"And then the magical unicorn will come prancing down the rainbow and we'll all join hands for a rousing chorus of Kumbaya." - by davio



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The Hopeful Monsters


Jazzzuuuhhpp!(from whazzzzzuuuhhpppp!)


Al Jazz-eira


Fierce Creatures


The Bell Tollers


The Berlin Wall Preservation Society


Hott, Muggie & Swettie


Buggy Whippers


The Jazz Truckers


Dumm, Stewped & Dumm.(nothing personal, just riffing)

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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Long-time advice from the GP forum is that the name doesn't matter, so don't obsess over it. OTOH I was once told by venue that we were selected for a show because of our name. Or rather that other bands were passed over because their names didn't fit the venue. (Hypothetically imagine the finest restaurant in town hosting Projectile Vomit with opening act Food Poisoning! :D )


Anything But Standard -- a play on the way you perform standards


Raindrops On Roses -- from "My Favorite Things" (wouldn't be the first time a band swiped a lyric for their name ;) )


Funkingham Palace -- a stretch, but could spur better ideas


[Paint The] Town Red -- another stretch, but trying to find something that conveys the mood or setting your music sets


Unforgetable [Fusion] -- and be sure to include the Nat King Cole standard!


The Lived In Project, The Live Eden Project, The La Vida [Jazz|Fusion|Funk] Project -- all plays on the current name

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Here's an idea for you...

Take the name of a somewhat ambiguious city or town, nothing like Austin, TX or Las vegas, but something more like Baltimore or Seattle. Then, add some alliteration into the mix, like Bringing Baltimore or Burning Baltimore, or for Seattle, Sunshine Seattle (or vice versa) or Sundays in Seattle, or something slick like that. That's my advice for a cool name. Manhattan Madness just came to mind too. I don't know, just start putting together some combos and find some meaning or relevance to the band to back up your reasoning.

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