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Jeff Buckley


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Jeff & Tim (his father) were both incredible but non-mainstream musicians whose music never failed to surprise the ear.


Jeff's work has had a largely underground following in this country, but springs to the surface occasionally - e.g. Muse.


Tragedy that both were lost prematurely.



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the World will know Peace": Jimi Hendrix


The Geoff - blame Caevan!!!

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I loved Grace. At band practice my singer played it for everyone back when we were like 23.


I will say this, he has influenced an entire generation of singers. I have run into and heard countless examples. You know how many Jeff Buckley copycats there are now? It kind of sux really.


I could start naming people but its pointless. He made his mark for sure. Rock musicians all know who he is. Sad nobody was that into him when he was alive. I remember wondering when that next album was coming out, then he died. He seemed like he would have been the next big thing in coolness if he had stuck around.


I hear he was a shredder too. Serious. I think he went to MIT



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Jeff Buckley = one in a long string of folks Mike Patton (ex-Faith No More, ex-Mr. Bungle) summed up perfectly in one great line from the song "Star A.D."


Dying is dry, like a fact of history.

And when you die, you become something worse than dead.

You become a legend.

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I loved Witches Rave (very paul maccartneyish in the chorus), Grace, Dream Brother (my fav drums of all time), and a bunch of them I can't remember the names to.


I know alot of people love Hallelujah. I like it but I don't think that was his defining moment like many others because he didn't write it.



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His name is a blur from the depths of my past......looking at his photo I feel like I have met him.....I lived really close to GIT for a few years in the mid 80's and almost everyone in my apartment went there, plus I was playing the Hollywood scene then. I cannot remember hearing his music until today. I checked out clips at iTunes. He sounds really talented, his songwriting is very interesting. I will probably pick up Grace. He reminds me somehow of Nick Drake, but in a different way.


He obviously had a lot of potential. I wonder if his drowning was truly an accident. It almost seems like he set it up to look that way....swimming fully clothed in steel toed boots while not under the influence.......in a river?



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While I am at it ....a question for my Canadian friends.......thinking about this time frame made me remember a very talented guitarist who lived in my apartment building, name of Barry Player. He was from Canada, him and his then girlfriend lived upstairs and I used to get together with him and jam out once in a while. I think it was Tom Scholtz Rockman era LOL He was totally into Vai and Eric Johnson and could just tear it up on guitar.


I just looked him up and see he has site and that his band opened for KIngs X etc. LOL I know Canada is a huge place, but just wondered if any of you guys had run into him?

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