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LMAO...Dean Martin


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My kids asked me to put on Christmas music, they are off school now...my wife is at the hairdresser and I am praticing, watching the girls, making lunch and doing dishes....all sorta around the same time.


So anyway, I decide to put the Christmas music through the home theatre sound system...the music is on cable TV.


So while I am doing this it is Dean Martin doing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and I am adjusting stuff and forcing it into fake surround mode and I am getting a chuckle listening to Martin's drunk style of singing when he goes into the last chorus and the next thing I hear him sing..... " Rudy the red dicked reindeer, you'll go down in history".


LOL ....are you kidding me!! So I Googled it and sure as heck other people have heard it also. I mean I think it is funny as far as a joke as an outtake side deal, but c'mon, what was he thinking or whoever let that slip by onto a family christmas album that is now out there en masse, even on the cable TV?



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Wow... Never heard that Dino rendition before! :o

Definitely not a suitable take for mass consumption.

You'd think by now that would be well known? I'm going out on a limb guessing he might have tossed back a few before that take.


If my 2 boys 12 & 9 heard that they would be LTAO!! They would never stop singing it with that particular line no doubt.

I certainly won't tell them about it.

Of course now I have to find a clip of it! :D


You sound like me with kids, lunch ,dishes, etc.(laundry?)

How domesticated men have become!

I work mostly from home and fortunately my kids aren't off till next week. :)

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Well since I am off on disability for my back surgery/recovery....I immediately am given Mr Mom and Harvey Houseboy duties....LOL.....actually don't mind.I try do a bit here and there when my hands get tired or I am just overloaded with music study. Then after the kids go to bed I disappear into the studio....my cave.....I take flak on that sometimes too LOL.
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Do any of you remember the old Dean Martin Show?


You know...in part of it he'd lean on the Grand Piano while the guy played and he sang?


Dean would always have a drink in hand and he sounded half sauced. :D

One Christmas...I remember him singing..."Leon-Leon." :D

Then he stopped...then started again..."Noel-Noel." :D


He'd then get that sh-t eating grin and all you could do is laugh. :D


He was a pretty good guy from what I can remember.



"Just play!"
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Oh yeah loved that Dean Martin show, even though I was a kid.


One bit I'll never forget was when a very attractive woman came out and said to him

" I just had a map of the U.S. painted all over my body "

To which his reply was -(singing) "By the time I get to Phoenix"



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I used to love Dean Martin's show, and Martin/Lewis films before that.


Though Dino, as many do, liked to have a few pops, I think that his drunk schtick was often just that, a schtick. He was by all accounts a consummate professional; doubtful he, or his record company, would have let a recording with a vulgar reference be released. I was a teen then, and can tell you that that kind of stuff simply did not happen.



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According to a reliable source, when the Rat Pack performed, Dino was always with "drink in hand" and apparently sauced.


The truth...Sinatra and Peter Lawford, and to a lesser degree Sammy Davis Jr. were usually pretty lit. Joey Bishop would bring them drinks. Dino? His "whiskey glass" held apple juice. The "drunk Dino" bit was an act.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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One of those links was with Foster Brooks.


I guess having an alcoholic dad (though not a drunk) those drink in hand guys started getting to me as I got into my teens. Though I do remember laughing hysterically at Foster Brooks.

Raise your children and spoil your grandchildren. Spoil your children and raise your grandchildren.
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