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software effect processor


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If you mean effects for an Acoustic, then Amplitube 2 is not too shabby, although for the money you spend on software, you should be able to get a used POD 2.0 or POD XT, or even cheaper you could get a Pocket POD. All will work well.


If you don't want Amp emulation as well, then a Boss ME-50 would be ideal.


Of course, the downside (which may be why you want software?) with a hardware alternative is once you have recorded your sound, it is what it is, whereas a software plugin can be tweeked after the fact.

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Or as Mudcat has pointed out. KVRAudio, links to some fantastic free VST plugins. I have been having a lot of fun with the "Classic" line of plugins by Kjaerhus Audio, http://www.kvraudio.com/get.php?mode=results&st=d&c=278


I would love to hear what they sound like in a pro studio, but on my system they sound great and have very low latency.


One of them comes with a de-esser, which should help take out some the Piezo nastiness, from a semi-acoustic.


ADDED: Sorry I just noticed that the one with a de-esser is not free.

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