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Got Muff!!....Cheap!


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Just got a brand new Big Muff Pi for $50, the US made one with the cool wood box even!

I've been wanting it ever since it came into the store and today it's marked down to $50 so I had to bring it home. Man it's cool, it's just such a different distortion than I nomaly use and it works for a lot more different stuff than I thought it would. I tried it cranked first, of course, and it it's just FAT and so overdriven but still ariticulate as hell, even complex chords came through. Back the volume down on the guitar a bit and you're Marc Ford plyin lead, a bit more and it's Remedy rythm tone. Also had a great time on my D tuned Tele with the Muff toned down and some Leslie effect with or without slide. I mean downright pretty tones, this thing is very versitile.


I feel kind of funny about getting it now that I see just how well my Boss GT-8 models it, at least in the cranked mode, but with it looped in I can add it anywhere, and it was like half price. Whoo!! Merry X-mas to me!

Wonder what the new Linkin Park album would sound like if they didn't have Perfect Circle to steal from.
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$50 for a Big Muff?!?! :) Sweet! I got mine for double the price. :P I've found that I don't even need any other distortion pedal since I have this one at my disposal!

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Michael, thats one road worn Muff! I'm sure that you already know this, but, hold onto that one, those things, and the triangle knob 1st issue versions are worth quite a bit and sound ALOT better than any of the others since. The one in my avatar was mine till about a year ago. I sold it on ebay for well over $400. I paid $25 for it in about 1990! It was in great shape and I really hated selling it, but I never played it and it helped pay for my Tele, which I play just about everyday, so I don't really miss it much, other than being able to tell people that I have it...for whatever that's worth.



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I've had this one forever...


Yes, you have, haven't you! :D:cool:


:love:Love :love: the preset-protection system you've got there to keep the knobs from inadvertently being twiddled contrary to your desired dial-settings... :thu:


My favorite Big Muff Pi would be the IC-based variation that surfaced around '79 or '80 or so; I used to have one, didn't know that it was different from the vast majority of others, couldn't figure out why no oldie, re-issue, green Russian, or clone ever matched my memory of it; it wasn't until an article in GP about the Euthymia ICBM Fuzz and the rare IC Muffs it clones and updates, that I realized that mine was an IC-version. (I remember seeing those multi-legged ICs inside mine when I opened it up to change the battery...)

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