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Epi. Valve, Jr., Fender Champion, or Peavey Royal 8?


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Yo Dustybroom,


If I don't dust my broom, I get the Walkin Blues!!


WELCOME TO OUR FORUM!! :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:


I've played the new Fender Champ, and love it.


Personally, I'd check out eBay for a used Fender Silverface Champ. They are great!! There are at least three on there now. Often you can get one for about $200 to 250 or so. If you have an amp tech, or someone who can service it, check it out, all the better. They are simple amps, and very reliable. And, they sound GREAT. Excellent Fender clean and chimey, and a lovely crunch when you turn it up.


I play mine at night after everyone is asleep, and so far, NO DIVORCE!! LOL





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The Epi VJ certainly fills the "blues-friendly, crunch-capable, domestic tranquility" category!


Don't have the Epi VJ combo...but I do have two of the Epi VJ heads...and they are a LOT of fun for the tones you describe. :thu:

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


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Dustybroom, welcome to the forum. Mdrs is right about the old Fender Silver face Champs. If you don't want to go used, wait about a month and the new Valve Junior combo comes out with an Eminence speaker and 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outputs. The 3 outputs give you the same flexability as the VJ head. I have the head and the older combo and love them both, but remember, an old Champ is a hand wired point to point tube amp, where the VJ's are PC board. Let us know what you bought.
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I second the vote for the Epi VJ head. The Stack will cost you about $250 and there are a ton of mods on ebay. I love mine and its got great crunch.


Same here. I had a head that I did the high gain mod on (it was extremely simple to do) and loved it. Unfortunately I just didn't play it that much. I took it to band practice one day for my singer to play harmonica thru, and, OMG, this thing is an awesome harp amp. He liked it so much that he bought it and a crappy little 1 X 10 cabinet from me. And it actually sounds better thru the crappy 1 x 10 than thru my Peavey Classic 410e cabinet. Good luck.

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