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The Temperament of Wolves

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I've been reading an interesting book on the history of temperament, with the attendant discussion of wolves and commas, but I can't find any soundbites of a wolf key online.


Does anyone know where I could hear such a thing? I've found a site with .mids of a flute playing with pythagorean temperament, but I was hoping for something that would let me hear the wolves.


Thanks, and I realize that this post is just begging for a bunch of puns and all that. ;)




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Cheers, Phil. I didn't notice the sound samples, I'll check them out later! :)


The book's a thing called "Temperament: The Idea That Solved Music's Greatest Riddle" by rather a erudite dude called Stuart Isacoff. It's been quite a lot of fun reading it, I might even look for a second hand copy when I return the book to the local library.


Tusker: The problem is that I don't own a keyboard. :)


I'm a bass player, really, and I thought that since the temperament issue seems to have been most associated with keyboards, I'd ask the KC for some guidance.

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It's an interesting issue on fretless bass. If you play fifths that sound in tune with each other on the bass, that wouldn't be the same as fifths that sound in tune with a tempered instrument.


Interesting book.


I read 'How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony - and why you should care' recently.

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