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Hagstrom Alert


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I know there a few Hagstrom fans on this board. I stumbled across an E-bay dealer listing a bunch of b-stock Hags at pretty cheap prices.


Here is a link to their store:




I'd buy a Swede if I had the cash. :(

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I'm a big Hagstrom fan... :thu: ever since I purchased my Swede back in '75. :cool:


Yeah...I know that eBaY seller. I watch some of his listing from time to time.

I also have three of the new, reissued Hags (Super Swede, Deluxe F and a Deluxe), though I didn't buy any from him.

His have only minor blems in most cases...like the occasional light spots on the fretboard. IMO...it looks quite natural, just like minor variations in the grain pattern.

At those prices...very acceptable, since it has NO effect on the playing quality...it's just an esthetic thing, whether your prefer an all-solid colored fretboard or more of the grain showing.


I'm still in the market for a natural color Viking...and also a standard Swede. That will bring my Hag count up to 6counting my original Swede. :)

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