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MusicPad - Digital/Paperless Music Display


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Hi All,


I have a lot of sheet music that I've been gigging with over the past two decades that is starting to get in pretty bad shape, so I was thinking of getting a digital MusicPad. I understand that you can scan music into these things, as well as download music off a computer/Internet. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Is it a pain to load music into? How is it in a live application? Is it reliable? Given the hefty price tag, I hope it would be user friendly.....but I'm skeptical. Also, are there any similar but less expensive brands/models out there? Here's a link from an advertisement I found in an old Keyboard magazine:






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Man, this is why I love this forum. I was just thinking that I need one of these things. Bam! It's right on the first page of the forum. LOL.


I'm having a hard time seeing the music, a hard time turning the pages while I play, a hard time with even keeping the music on the stand.


I'm very interested in knowing about this product too. And also, if there's any other companies making these things so I can compare the different features.

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