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Hmmmm...... Y/T


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Awesome. I love the space suits! :laugh: Racer X is one of my favorite bands, they are so heavy and insane, but with a cool pop edge here and there. Go to www.paulgilbert.com for some really cool stuff and plenty of laughs, he is hilarious. His photoshop experiments are absolutely a riot. :thu:

Avoid playing the amplifier at a volume setting high enough to produce a distorted sound through the speaker-Fender Guitar Course-1966



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Gilbert is a big time player. I've never listened to his stuff, but say him live in the "Amazing Journey" Who tribute shows he did at BB Kings, in NYC. He did a very credible Townshend.....Pete does Pete better, however!!! LOL



"There once was a note, Pure and Easy. Playing so free, like a breath rippling by."






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