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this is what I call OVERPRICED!!!


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What is starting to amaze me is that they only ever have 1 1960s/70s fender for sale at a time down at Denmark Street, and then when it gets sold, another one appears.... as if by magic.


I'm getting cynical in my old age, but either someone somewhere has stockpiled a load of basses and is releasing them slowly, or all those old players who survived the 70's are now dying off and their relatives are finding these treasures in their lofts.

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Tottaly agree with you Tim it's just funny that during the past 12 months i've seen at least 20-25 vintage models for sale just in the uk.


It's trendy now to sell vintage stuff




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The Antiques Roadshow is 30 years old this year, will vintage become antique at 50 years old?


Have any of them struck your fancy? With the interest rates what they are, Basses might be a better investment than property at the moment. ;)


I played a fretless 1977 last year that weighed more than my 3 year old son, and it didn't even have those lines that show you where to put your fingers :)


I quite fancied a 1969 fender jazz, just because it was as old as me, but the colour :freak: it was the same as the mini cooper my Mum had.

Feel the groove internally within your own creativity. - fingertalkin


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Fakes are big business and the counterfiters are very good at what they do. I've read several interviews with professionals who say that even they are having difficulty spotting the fakes!


Buyer beware!

Nothing is as it seems but everything is exactly what it is - B. Banzai


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Waterslide decals are common enough and the motivation is there.

Look for the flaws and study up before you buy.

Only you can prevent fake vintage instruments.



Seriously, binding w/ dots plus oval tuners is indeed a rare combo, but that doesn't necessarily mean fakery, or high value.

As for the price, check out Vintage Guitar magazine. Looking yesterday I saw numerous Jazz basses in the $3000-5000 range without the odd combo of features.

I also saw a Les Paul goldtop selling for $75,000-80,000 US.


Happy shopping.






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