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will it fit ? (b3 + leslie in honda odyssey)

The Captain

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There are alot of variables here...i.e, are you including pedals? Is the B3 on one of those roller dollies (and if so, are you going to have to accomodate it? Has the B3 been chopped at all? etc. In any case - A tape measure is your friend in this situation.


Be certain that you measure the liftgate opening very carefully! That's going to be your bottleneck.


Good luck!

The SpaceNorman :freak:
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Actually, my buddy puts the Leslie in the back. The organ goes in the side door behind the driver and passenger seats. It's a real tight fit. I'm not sure if he has to remove the dollies.


B3, not chopped, no bench, no pedals.

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Wondering if anyone here knew for sure.


My leslie is here, but the B3 is in a studio elsewhere.


Odyssey is an '03 model


Thanks in advance!


Don't know for sure, but I know someone who moves his rig in something of about that size and shape as I have helped him load it. B3 went in the side door, Leslie in the back.


But this is the sort of thing where an inch here or there in unexpected places can be your undoing. Just measuring with a tape measure can give altogether too rosy results.

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I hauled my B3 and Leslie in a '99 Plymouth Voyager for years. I chose the Voyager because it was the only model I could afford that could fit the B3 in the side door (but only the passenger side door, not the one on the driver's side). The B3 was too tall for the back.


The Chevy Astro's are tall enough in the back to put the organ in, but they are also high off the ground.


Now that I have the XK System, I can fit it, the pedals, and the Leslie in a much smaller space. In fact, when we go out east with organissimo, we borrow a buddy's 2004 Toyota Sienna and get all three of us, plus the organ and Leslie, the drums, and the guitarist's rig in the minivan. :)

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A friend of mine moves his B3 on dollies, pedals, bench and 122 in a Dodge Caravan. The B3 goes in the side door which is nice because you can exit the other side door once you slide the organ in behind the front seats. The bench, pedals and Leslie go in from the rear (although he does a big no-no and lays the 122 on its side :( )



Wm. David McMahan

I Play, Therefore I Am


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I too transport my C3 and 122 in a Dodge Grand Caravan. I don't think it would all fit in a small wheelbase Caravan though. I can fit the Hammond, Leslie, the Hammond bench,two plastic boxes of cables, mics, and pedals, a Casio Wk3700, a Peavey Keyboard amp and two small monitors in my Grand Caravan. Before the Dodge, I used a Ford Windstar. It worked fine too, though it was a tad bit smaller.


Hammond in the side, Leslie in the back laying in its side or back, etc.



"With the help of God and true friends I've come to realize, I still have two strong legs and even wings to fly" Gregg Allman from "Ain't Wastin Time No More"
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