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drums or piano


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hey im just curious, a couple of my friends have formed a band, well sort of, we just kinda hang out and rock out together, were into 60-70s rock, like the beatles, eagles, aerosmith, led zepplin, ect... theres a bass player and guitar player so far but im trying to decide whether or not to play drums or piano, iv had a little experience with both but now im looking to specialize in one. which would you all choose if you were in this situation?


im thinkin piano for like hey jude and let it be and stuff like that but drums could be fun, also cuz we already have a drum set sitting around

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keyboardists do most of the work and get no credit. Drummers are not considered musicians. Both have very heavy gear to lug.

My keyboard setup takes as much place as my drummer's set - full car load.


Keyboard players are usually better at theory and hear things better than guitarists and singers. Drummers dont hear sh!t because of their cymbals.


Drummers get more video time in music clips than keyboarists.



Seriously, how can you expect us to decide for yourself?

Anyway, I dont understand why cant you do both? There are lots of musicians who do it. Your drummer playing will definately benefit from knowing how to play a piano, and vice versa.



I've been wanting to get a drum set for a long time. When I finally move to a bigger appartment, I'll probably get V-drums and start to play..

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Piano is a percussion instrument that happens to emit string vibration sound. Hence the phrase "Hammering on the keys"


Gotta agree the KB player and drummer are really thankless jobs.

Why is it that normally, only the KB player actually reads music, understands theory, has to be a horn section as well as playing the KB part, does most, if not all charting.... (Oh yeah.. most guitarists are self taught and never took a lesson in their life) I love it when a guitar player shows me tab... might as well be Egyptian.


A good drummer makes or breaks a band. Very few understand the word "Dynamics"


Playing drums isn't all that easy either, I mean good drumming. Anyone can bash them (most do) If I see more than 3 cymbals... I get nervous real fast.


When auditioning a drummer, ask them to play some 3/4 time.. normally you get that deer in the headlights stare.....

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Hi silverwingz. I went through the same thing years ago. After a few years of piano lessons and playing drums in high school band it was time to decide what to play in my first garage band. Somehow I ended up playing second lead guidar and trumpet. :cool:


Anyway, what I found is drummers are very common. Even a good drummer can have a hard time finding a GOOD band with an opening. Keyboard players are not as common and good keyboard players are a precious find for many bands.


Taking talent and desire for each instrument out of the equation, drums will get you more attention but will be the harder path to follow. A good keyboard player will always be able to find a good, working band.

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