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A little inspiration from B3er. Songwriting and recording


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I have to credit B3er with a little inspiration after bieng a guest in his recording session. After hearing what Jim did on his computor and then watching it all bieng put down by the horn section in a recording session, I felt inspired to go home and do the same with my band.

So I finally got all my boards and Garage Band hooked up,and went to work. This past week I wrote 1 jazz organ song a lot like a Soulive song ,and a couple grooves for demos. One groove is a gospel groove with some horns and the other is a semi funky smooth jazz sax song.

Last night I unvieled my mostly unmastered sketches to my bandmates and was suprised at the positive reaction. The Soulive type song is bieng put into the set right away,and it was a blast having the guitar and sax take thier solos over top of it.


I had fun with the gospel groove trying to fiqure out horn harmonies on the stabs . It was fun to layer it. I have to get my Motif rack hooked up though to get a trombone and better horns. But for a quik demo Garageband works out okay.


I used to groove around all the time on keys and sometimes they would pick up on it, but it was great having a tool to convey the ideas as a whole . It's really cool to get that kind of response from fellow musicians. The drummer aka band leader accused me of holding out on them. I really wasn't ,and I really am not trying to blow smoke here. But after listening to to B3ers playing and recordings ,I felt inspired to work a little harder on my playing . :rawk:


Maybe one of these days I will really be inspired to put something out for the KC comp cd. But I am still learning my way around as far as the finer points of recording .


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Excellent! What fun, eh?

"I'm so crazy, I don't know this is impossible! Hoo hoo!" - Daffy Duck


"The good news is that once you start piano you never have to worry about getting laid again. More time to practice!" - MOI

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It makes me happy you were inspired, man. That's what music is all about! You should've been at the studio today; it was a milestone for me and something I've always wanted to do.


We recorded a gospel 12/8 version of the Temptations' Wish It Would Rain with just piano and Freddie singing. During the middle of the song is a very pastoral piano interlude and I "wrote" a string duet for violin and cello to go in there. We had real string players today who did an awesome job and were very gracious with my non-reading self. Thankfully the parts I played into Cubase and then let Cubase transcribed worked great and they played wonderfully.


Music is COOL!

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Okay,I think I got it up ,and it is over in the "Lets hear It" which I see has been filed to save space in the Key Threads Thread

I feel like I'm getting ready to face Simon Cowell :blush: It is just a rough draft,not perfect by any means ,especially near the end

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