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Roland's Exp. vs. Sampler�S.O.S


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Being a totally ignorant about using my triton extremes sampler Ill make some questions

Ill be recording some Bach works next month and always been a fan of the Rolands orchestral expansion harpsichord sound, especially for playing fast pieces. Unfortunately I dont have this expansion so I was thinking about using the sampler mode from the triton to achieve my goal.

Is there any place where I can buy the harpsichord samples from this expansion?

Is it possible to do that with the original 16 MB available in the triton?

Is it a complex process?

How about latency?


thnx very much!


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There are various online sites and vendors offering various sample libraries in .wav file format. Check out a few.


Have you tried tweaking the onboard sounds in the Triton starting with a harpsi patch?


Purchasing a sample library would certainly enable you to take advantage of the Triton sampler. Used in combination with the onboard sounds, you may find a decent composite.


However, the problem with this approach is that you have to spend time learning how to edit onboard sounds and use the sampler when you could be practicing those Bach works. ;)


I would start by experimenting with the onboard sounds first. Play through the works using the current/edited patches and see how far you get prior to dropping coins on something else i.e. sample libraries, which additionally, have a learning curve too. :cool:



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