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Question for Classic 30 owners

EmptinesOf Youth

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hey guys, just wondering:


i read in a user review of the classic 30 that his was too close to a wall or something and not ventilated enough and the heat fried some resistors and capictors in the amp. Mine has about 4-3 inches of clearance from my wall right now, just wondering if this is something i should worry about and has it happened to anyone here?




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I kept mine about the same distance as yours for about 2 years and never had any trouble, although I must say that I didn't play it very often. I have since moved it, but for no other reason than to fit another guitar into the mix. I have never heard of that happening personally, but I would err on the side of caution just to be safe.

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As for your amp's clearance of the wall behind it, I would think that four inches or so would suffice while you're playing.

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I've had mine close to a wall (maybe 12" or a little more) and no problems.


More importantly, I play mine almost every day, often for hours, and I feel how hot it is after and it is nowhere near "too hot".


I also have a Fender Prosonic, THAT is a "scary hot" amp. That thing feels almost like you are getting burned on the fingers when you go to turn it to standby on the metal switch. I checked and this is "normal".


Still, all tube amps get hot, and for that matter sound-wise it is kinda dumb putting it right up against a wall...if you have neighbors or family members they probably aren't doing cartwheels over that..turning the wall into a sounding board.


And if you think about it...you don't put a lamp right up against a wall (without a shade anyway) so if you touch a 60 watt bulb that's been on a while, it is way hotter than the Classic 30.


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