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  1. Just finished reading the Grapes of Wrath. Steinbeck talked a lot about music and it was interesting to see how large a part music ( mostly guitar based string bands) played in the lives of the Okies. What got a LOL out of me was when a string band started playing for a dance. A fiddler took the 1st ride and then 3 (!) harmonica players joined in. That sounds like music hell to me, but harmonica was a very popular instrument then.
  2. Kudos for doing this, but probably not a good idea for a non-techie such as myself. My best bet is to ship my Mojo off to the service center listed here, only after that could I sell it in good conscience. Not quite ready to give up on resuscitating it myself, just yet. I enjoyed playing it- the V/C, overdrive and Leslie (in stereo) effect together made it my favorite self-contained organ rig for playing and recording at home. I had better luck with getting a response from Crumar, they were willing at the time to walk me through the troubleshooting.
  3. My Mojo has gone dead on 3 different occasions, the 1st 2 I was able to revive it, not so lucky the last time. At least I was not depending on it for important gigs (took it out once and it did fine). Probably a simple issue.
  4. I have an XK-3 and XK-1 (no XK-2), recently have been playing both through my 145 to decide which one to sell. I prefer the XK-3 when paired with my HX3 > 145, largely for what a poster here has described as it's "insanely shallow" triggering, which seems to work better with the module vs even its onboard sound. At any rate, the XK-3 + HX3 is the combo I have the most fun with. Without the module I prefer the XK-1, either on its own or with the 145. Never laid hands on an XK-2 but they seem to be priced very reasonably and if I was XK-less I would consider going that route, per the comments here. I'm shocked at how much XK-3's are going for- but that's for ones in good condition and mine is rough (I think of it as the equivalent of SRV's Strat) so isn't worth as much. As I don't have a working MIDI-only controller, my version of the OP's rig would be XK-3 with Yamaha YC61 as top board- both driving the HX3, although I would play the YC through a Leslie without hesitation, it sounds pretty good (says the deaf guy😜).
  5. Hammond XK-1C 61-Key Portable Organ with Drawbars | Reverb Just happened to see this, seems like a screamin' deal but I'm a little too far off.
  6. If I played everything in root position, the main thing I would be is FIRED
  7. Good to see the CK61 mentioned here, as I have one on the way. From clips it seems to sound pretty close to my YC88. Looking for it to be the extra sounds board, as well as my sit-in board. Keybed can't possibly be worse than that of the Electro.
  8. Marked "safe" from being replaced by AI in my vital role as a restaurant piano player.
  9. Fall of 1987, however it was a group class in classical guitar. My last piano lesson was the previous spring semester. The professor had me learn the Rachmaninoff Prelude in G minor for a student body recital where I lost my place and had to start over. To this day not one of my favorite Rachmaninoff pieces, but I wish I still knew how to play it. I only took 2 semesters of music from a cow college but my bar band buddies think I went to Julliard. I'm thinking about writing a book from my experience in the field, "Bar Band Music Theory" (example: "when the bass player plays an "E", you MUST play an "E" chord) but on 2nd thought, naw..might make a fun thread, though.
  10. I also wore out David Sanborn's early records, esp. Straight to the Heart. His studio band sounded so good even on their own and the tracks had such soul and grit, an ache even, that set them apart from the smooth jazz hordes IMO. I remember he categorized his music (at the time) as "instrumental R&B", which sounded right to me. His chord progressions were a huge influence. I also was a huge fan of David's work with the Letterman band and was very intrigued by the "Night Music" show. Much thanks to those who posted videos.🙂 Thanks also to all who mentioned "Double Vision", I intend to give it another listen. RIP David Sanborn.
  11. No one should be too concerned about my opinion as I freely admit to being a nobody, eking out a happily squalid existence with mostly low-level gigs in spite of a hearing disability. And I don't think someone is not talented, or that they suck, because they choose to work that way. They're just not for me.
  12. NOTE: Following rant only applies to local, small-time music scene, not the Really Big effing Shews. But.. I despise backing tracks. I wouldn't walk across the street to see even a good player perform with backing tracks, I would rather dig ditches than resort to that (and have had that wish granted more than once). It's a shame to see a good guitar player, for example, quit playing with bands and put themselves out to pasture doing nothing but solo shows with BT's, just for convenience's sake. I also disagree that audiences can't tell the difference, in the energy level and other factors. No one is enthralled with someone's virtuosity in hitting the "play" button. The only time I have been tempted to renounce my one and only scruple, is in the case of a local BT guy "Big Earl from Pearl" who has scored a yearly gig playing in Waffle House parking lots on Christmas day. The rest of the year he does things like wild hog hunts, etc. I'm a little jealous of those too. No judgments! Carry on. I hope to read here, with as open a mind as I can muster, about KC'ers experiences using modern day technology for organic sounding, non-cheesy, interactive BT's that don't lock you into going from point A to point B with no deviation. Anyone?
  13. I have a non-working Electro 2 rack, motherboard was swapped out a few years ago. I'm not a techie but it seems likely to be a power supply issue. Does anybody know of a current US service center? I'm hoping someone still services those. I'm in the SE.
  14. I have mentioned that I bought a mint used Mojo Classic (original dual manual) a few years ago, never gigged with it but it crapped out after less than a year. Evidently a minor issue..happy to report that yesterday I got it to working again and so far have been playing it with no issues (fingers crossed). Was wondering, how many of the original models are still in use? And if reliability issues (if any) of the older models have been corrected with the newer models (such as the Suitcase). I suppose I should also include the 61 with lower manual in the discussion. I am asking for the benefit of a friend, an accomplished professional musician who is enthusiastic about starting an organ trio but is on a budget. Crumar seems to be the most cost-effective way to get into a dual manual rig. He wants to buy mine, but I advised him that Crumar may not be the most road-worthy (especially an original Mojo with a checkered past) compared to the more expensive Ham-Suz, Viscount etc. Was I wrong? Several of you seem to have a good history with Crumar. Just gathering some anecdotal info, thanks to all who are willing to share their experiences!
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