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  1. I'm not a great musician, but I dig synths! A couple Christmas purchases led me to a re-rerack / re-cable project. Moved completelyl to RTP Midi via the Mio XLs. Really happy with this setup.
  2. https://www.gearnews.com/is-modal-electronics-bankrupt-rumours-of-imminent-demise-unfounded/
  3. I would wait. They have much better offers. Black Friday deal would be either $99 or $149 for V7 to V9.
  4. And I'm just happy Chicago won the Bedard sweepstakes last night...
  5. Baseball is a better sleep aid than Ambien...
  6. I love hockey. By far my favorite sport to watch - the NFL is a snoozefest compared to the NHL!
  7. Ronin. (Bond fanatic here).
  8. Barry Manilow had a short career as a jingle writer. He actually wrote the "Like A Good Neighbor - State Farm Is There" jingle...
  9. Cough....Tony Banks. (Seriously, I love Tony Banks though. He always just looked so cool to me sitting there doing his thing).
  10. How do you like it? I've been looking at them since it was announced.
  11. Chopin Polonaise in A Flat Major Op. 53
  12. Impressed someone else on this board has heard of Petra, let alone actually went to a show. Only saw them once sometime early 90s during the Beyond Belief tour. Always thought Whiteheart was a better band...
  13. I use Cakewalk a bit, but it is PC only, no Mac version. I use Cubase mostly, and if someone is getting started with it, I'd strongly suggest spending a few dollars on some of the excellent Groove 3 Cubase tutorials.
  14. I have a few synths that their companion software cannot "see" the synth when it is plugged USB into my MioXL (Argon 8m and Hydrasynth Desktop) are two examples. As such, I have USB plugged directly into the computer for the companion software, and the DIN ports into the MIOXL for standard midi use.
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