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  1. If it's going to sit and not transport then the big sinks are OK if you plan on gigging with it then Liquid cooling would be a better option. the bigger sinks can crack the board and need to be removed for transport DDR4 is approaching end of life but is still a choice depending on your use/need. If your sessions/use is under 40 tracks you should be good with a 127000***. Alot are using the Corsair rmx 750/850 fan rarely comes on during DAW work
  2. Awesome, I love this supper accurate stuff, Thank you very much. needs a good singer but a little on the rock side but still as progressive, if there is such a singer
  3. I'm just talking about unweighted and semiweighted boards, I've always liked Yamahas keybeds, I didn't know my Trinity was theirs at the time though. As far as weighted, I kind of liked my CP 80 although it was a real piano action, liked my GEM Pro II especially losing all that weight and have settled on Kawi I only use theirs as a controller so I could do with out the speakers amp and sound engine they have a weighted controller but it's too heavy I guess cause they over built the action and/or the case. I like Yamahas acoustic more than Kawis though.
  4. Those keybeds were made by Yamaha, then Korg got the stupid ideal they could make their own. Wonder if they think they're as good or better LOL.
  5. Don't get a TR76 the keybed Sucks The Triton extreme 76 has a nice key bed in it but good luck finding one.
  6. I'd like to make an interpretation of this stand: here's an aluminum tube version I've been working on I would have to find a decent tig welder to build or put one together
  7. Silicone, it was on the wires and alot of points of contact on my GEM Pro ll to keep them from moving around.
  8. I need to change the rear upper tier to a tele lock instead of the stock spaced set up so the upper tier can be fine tuned to the lower board or tier.
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