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  1. The Korg Nautilus will do this. Probably a lot of other brands will as well but the Korg is the only one I have a working knowledge of.
  2. For pure piano only? There were no Rhodes, Wurli, etc. demoed and I didn't spot any mod/pitch wheels. Makes me wonder how deep its controller capabilities go.
  3. Not a solo, but Herbie's background clavinet in Sly is all the way past wicked into full-blown evil. Especially on his Rhodes solo starting at 5:20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At1wCLEVdWI
  4. I saw that group. This was during my Long Island phase of living locations. A Hammond through effects pedals into a straight amp, IIRC. They played a bar in Amityville (Yes, that Amityville) called The Daisy. I didn't think they were crazy loud, but the owner pulled the circuit breaker to the stage. A back room shouting match ensued and Billy eventually came back onstage, finished out and was supposedly promised a few more appearances there, although I don't think that actually came to fruition. From what I've heard in the past Billy supposedly really hates this part of his history and has tried to keep this music suppressed but certainly don't know this for a fact. The drummer, Jon Small, was really good and had been in a previous band, The Hassles, with him. The album did get some play from the album-oriented rock FM stations in The City also.
  5. Anti-elitist elitism. I've never heard that before but think it's a great phrase.
  6. "The Anti-Keyboardists" Yeah, and they all end up making their wishes come true by becoming sound-men. 😀
  7. I agree with marino on the preference of the 2 options. Parts of the 1926 sound a little out of tune with the rest of the piano however. But, hey, whad'ya want for free??
  8. There was a British group who's guitarist got killed from a zap. It was late 60's or early 70's IIRC. I'm fuzzy on the details but it may have been Stone the Crows.
  9. I happened upon it by chance. I usually listen to WWOZ around lunchtime (EST) but have been missing it too many times lately. However yesterday was a get-to-listen-to-it day. I don't know if it was just my system but the actual piano playing was very low in volume. For those who missed it, the station does archive all its programs for 2 weeks so you can still check it out at your leisure.
  10. Herbie's sound on the Fat Albert Rotunda album and his slightly different sound on the Head Hunters album. Stevie's sound on Sunshine of My Life. Those are relatively early Rhodes sounds that have a lot of "thonk" on them. Bob James sound one the One album for something different from the more organic sounds previously mentioned. Chick's sound for something with a more "cool" (temperature-wise) sound. Richard Tee's sound was great too. It was better for chordal work and comping. Trying to solo with that sound is a little too undefined. Actually, another accidentally good Rhodes sound was on Cedar Walton's Animation album. Some of the notes were out of tune but in such a way that it tweaked your ear in a good way. I haven't cared much for some for the more heavily processed Rhodes sounds but that's just personal preference and we're all going to have our likes and dislikes.
  11. At home - mostly streaming lately. In the car - A DAP set to shuffle, connected to the aux in on the stereo.
  12. Same as most - Jazz jobs sitting. For the bands I will sit on some songs & stand on others. Purchasing Mr. Doerffler's organ type bench from the classifieds gave the ability to set high enough to do both with minimal transition and I added a purchase of the Knox Gear stand discussed in the latest keyboard stands thread a few weeks ago. It gives me a stable. yet higher, position for the board* The reason for the asterisk is that I just received my second one today. One of the bolts that holds the top part of one of the lattices had broken off last Saturday. Thanks to Amazon's generous return policy I was able to get a replacement with no hassles. Now let's see how long this one lasts.
  13. I was thinking the same thing as time4jazz and sunspot but I kept diving around in the section where you could ask a question & there was an answer there that put the final achievable height well above that. Check just to make sure though; don't just take my word for it.
  14. Oops, not Ornithology. Shows how much of a rush I’m in now.
  15. Only have a quick second to glance t it right now but see Charlie Parker's famous Ornithology lick to start it out.
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