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Virtual Music - Online Collaboration

Virtual worlds are another performance and composition option. If you are interested in music in places like Second Life or want to find someone else online to collaborate with, you've found the right place.



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    • Hello, my name is Julio Herrera, please tell me about upcoming trade shows. What are some of the major trade shows happening in 2024, and how can any business prepare to participate effectively? How can we contact to participate?
    • Many thanks for all the great, real-life information!. I am studying it to see where I can apply it to my playing and what to add to my rig.   Definitely, an expression pedal is in order. The Montage/MODX+ can assign it to the Super Knob, so anything is possible from there 👍🏻   I will also probably add a couple of foot switches. Interesting times ahead! 🎹🚀   Thanks again 🫂   Jose
    • OH, NO its DEVO! In glorious ripped cassette audio on HD streaming!!!           PEACE _ _ _
    • My local GC had a used Wurlitzer 200A for sale pre-pandemic a few years back for only 1200!! Played it, fell in love, I returned to store next day to buy and it was gone…congrats to whoever got it! It was in great condition and sounded/played wonderfully! Prices since then have increased at least 2-3x for used 200As so news of a new modern option being released is welcome…although likely will be too expensive for me to justify getting…   Late last year to the present I’m using a Kawai ES920 which has some surprisingly good vintage ep sounds (including Wurlitzer 200A and Hohner Pianet) I’ve had to use the Virtual Technician, built in effects and 4 band EQ to edit the factory presets to personal taste and feel like now I’ve got them dialed in pretty close…plus the “lighter” action on the ES920  (especially after I tweaked velocity curves etc) helps to mimic the “weighted but very light” feel of the original you mentioned 😎  

    • Oh, for sure! This was like a blast-from-the-past Keyboard Report. I'm an unlikely buyer, as I just don't seem to have a mental jack for modulars. That doesn't mean I'm not fascinated, because if I went there, smartly compact instruments like this would be my go-tos. Purists would snort at my pile and ask why I didn't have it all one big cabinet. Tough! The A2 has an immense voice; it'd be a central prize in a rig.   
    • Er, educate who?! This forum is a repository of expertise and talent...   My main aim is to provide information about instruments which might be less popular in the USA.   Actually, this was the same target that Stephen Fortner suggested when we talked about writing reviews for Keyboard Magazine. The excellent dB recommended me to him, and Stephen expressed interest in reviews of "less-known European instruments". I liked the idea a lot, and I wrote my first review about the Hypersynth Xenophone. Well, that wasn't exactly European, but not so far from the border - plus you have to start somewhere. Unfortunately, shortly after that, Keyboard Magazine started having difficulties, and ended up closing its doors... but maybe this is a good place to reveal that the next review that was planned was about the GRP A4, the A2's big brother. (at the time, the A2 wasn't out yet) So this review is closing a circle for me, so to speak. Hope it can be of some interest to KC members.    
    • Your video, CM, popped up on my YouTube homepage today as I am subscribed to your channel.  I had watched  (and liked) the video before I saw this post.  Thanks for all you do to educate us. 
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