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Please help: problem with "dead notes"


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I have owned a new Martin acoustic-electric for about three months.


Within the past week, however, it developed "dead notes" on a few frets on the high E string - notes that do not ring out, as if muted or improperly fretted. This was definitely not a problem previously.


I changed the strings, but it actually got worse -there are a few more dead note frets.


Any suggestions? My best guess is that it is a truss rod adjustment issue. If people feel that is unlikely, I would rather invoke my warranty than pay for a set-up that won't fix the problem.


Many thanks for all input!!!



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Where did you buy it?


They are obligated to work with you on things like this, on a new Martin. That's part of the warranty, and of buying a new (and thus more expensive) guitar.


I do hope you bought it at a real and capable shop, and not on-line or at Guitar Center, etc....


It probably is a matter of relief, and/or uneven frets. But that should be checked out by the shop (or their authorized repair/set-up luthier) and not void the warranty at all. It should be able to be addressed satisfactorily without changing guitars under the warranty, too. Although that could wind up being necessary, it probably won't.

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Did you change string gauge when you restrung your guitar?


Have you checked the neck with a straight edge to see if it's back-bowed or has proper relief and to be sure that you don't have any high frets or a "hump" in the neck?


If you're having problems with a single string, a truss rod adjustment may not be what you need.


You didn't say which frets have a muted or dead sound. Which ones are they? Do you have any string buzz on that or other strings?

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