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again, with the order of effects...

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I usually just throw these things together when I need them, without any particular thought about order. But now that I have a little time, I'm revisiting the pedal board project. It is finshed and the pedals are mounted but not wired.


So before I custom cut and wire the interconnects, I thought that I would get some opinions. I have a fair idea of what I would do, but I'm open to suggestions. A reason why you would do a certain thing a certain way would help.


I've got the Fulltone Deja2, Clyde, and '69. I've got the Reverend Drivetrain. And finally, a Mr Echo. There is a StroboStomp, too... but I thnk that I can handle that one on my own. :D There is also a Radial Tonebone Hot British that could be a part of the rig, but currently is just a side piece.


Any thoughts?



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Originally posted by FJ:

typically: volume/wah----> od's/fuzzes----> vibes/choruses/flangers----> echo/delay/verb.


or you can relieve yourself of the trouble and just send them all to me :D:wave:

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Hey Bill, I think FunkJazz cites the "rule of thumb" pretty well. One consideration is which pedals need to be first nearest the guitar, the fulltone fuzz is definately one of those. I don't know if for other pedals it will be that critical.


One think I like is putting a distortion on either side of my wah and evelop filter so I can get the distortion sound on either side of the those as it is often very different.


I make up a new order each time I put the pedals together. I mean once I put it all together it stays for a while but then if I take the pedal board apart I start from scratch when putting it back together again.


It was Octafuzz, AF-9, wah, Jackhammer, chorus, phaser, amp. then it was Fulldrive II, AF-9, Wah, SIB Varidrive, Chorus, phaser, amp.

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