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Since this is the Halloween season, would you happen to be the "Son of Spam"??? :evil:


Kidd'n... ;)


Pull up a stool and tell us about yourself.


God Bless :)

"Treat your wife with honor, respect, and understanding as you live together so that you can pray effectively as husband and wife." 1 Peter 3:7


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Oh.. it's very ripply indeed.


As is this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v258/pek63/bunny.jpg


What does this font and style remind me of?

Hmmm... :freak:


Perhaps it's a typo and should read GuitarSpam.


... not that there's anything wrong with that. :D


I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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He mentions on the site how cheap these guitars are compared to their American originals.


I checked out one of the models he shows, a Moon Guitars strat. On the Moon Guitars website it lists it for 258,000. Assuming that's Yen, it converts to about $2,400 USD.


You could by a pretty nice Fender Strat for that kinda coin.


I'm not really into brand, so long as the guitar is good, but for $2,400 I think I'd go for something other than a "Moon".

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Originally posted by fantastic-hound of the Baskervilles:

The sheer stupidity is amazing!


Someone calling themselves "guitarsjapan" claims to have bought guitars from a store called Guitars Japan...


Am I the only one who thinks this guy is the worst covert agent on the planet? :D:evil:

what do you mean? i don't get it...



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c'mon guys, get your act together.

I'm downright shocked and disgusted that there are no spam pictures on there yet :eek: (nice work phait btw!)

(Uuuuh lifes so unfair)

on the topic of websites i found an interesting website which has mods for coil taps and getting dozens of tones out of strats in particular. I think i may have posted it before but it looks like a cool page.



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Okay, Okay. I will force-feed myself the above spamburger.


I totally see how this came out on the message boards, and it was not intended that way...


Let me explain...


I have been collecting guitars in Japan for 4 years. I just started my own website, and business has been getting too much for me, especially since I have a full-time job; this is just my hobby, offering rare vintage and new guitars from Japan... anyway...


I hired one of my clients, Mike, to help me get my site started. HE posted the first message for me, and I know it looks shady, since he registered me on this forum. I apologize to have entered in such a way.


Mike bought a Burny RLG-90 Les Paul from me a while back and an acoustic recently (Morris). They are the first Japanese guitars he's owned, and was floored by them, as are most people that buy them.


He DOES work for GuitarsJapan now, but he did purchase these guitars from me as well, so it was not a mistake at all. I don't think he realized how that would come across. He's just trying to help me get my website known...


Now, about my guitars, YES, some of them do cost more than Fenders and Gibsons, and so they should. They are much higher quality than production-line Fenders and Gibsons in general, and many, like my Moon for example, are higher quality than Fender's Custom Shops, for the most part. Don't get me wrong, I like Fenders a lot, grew up with them, but was dissatisfied with the fact that so many are just poorly-made and the inconsistent quality. You really have to search to get a good Fender or Gibson worth the money these days.


Not so with the Japanese Moons, Van Zandts, Navigators, Bacchus, etc. They are all perfectly-made with no flaws, typical of Japanese craftsmanship and work ethic in general. If you are satisfied with an overpriced guitar that whose brand and line of guitars are only really successful nowadays due to their legacy, then you get a Fender.


In the US, you have no other choice, and I feel bad for people there, 'cause I used to live there and it sucked trying to find a good strat that wasn't a Fender. But here in Japan, there are many, many companies that are making amazing instruments to standards that I have never seen the likes of before.


So, to sum up what I'm trying to say, I didn't buy these guitars to sell them... I bought them for ME, because they are spectacular instruments. I realize the prices are high and I'm okay with that, because I want a great strat. I don't care about the headstock logo so much, just that I can be inspired to write a killer riff or song. I've written more music in 4 years on my Japanese guitars than I have on the last 10 years before that, when I actually had more time to play.


Instruments have to speak to me, and these guitars I have do that through their mojo, tone, and impeccable craftsmanship.


So, I am sorry to have entered this forum on such a bad note, but it was not a mistake at all, nor was it intended to look as if I was pretending to be someome else - I wasn't. Mike was only trying to get the word out and I am thankful for that.


I also owe you guys a big apology for seemingly trying to be a "covert agent." There's nothing covert about my first post. I do honest business and have a great and dedicated clientelle of professional musicians. I think Mike's enthusiasm just came across wrong.


So, Gomen Nasai, and if you guys want to know anything about Japanese guitars in general, just ask. I am totally addicted to this Jpaanese guitar collecting hobby of mine and know a lot about them all.


Thanks and I'll hopefully be talking to you guys later -


Andrew Mechling


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The History of the Yamaha Corporation in general is pretty well-known... Torakusu Yamaha founded the company as a watchmaker, I think in the mid-1800's... the musical instruments didn't appear on the scene until about the late 1880's. The organs were the first instruments they made.


They started making guitars in 1966 and their "SG" line instantly was a success. It had that crazy 60's style people liked. The "SG" line was and probably still is their most successful flagship model.


The guitars were made in Hamamatsu, which is a pretty industrialized part of the Shizuoka Prefecture (I think on the Chiba peninsula). The manufacturing plant was called "Nippon Gakki" which translates literally to "Japan Musical Instrument."


The early ones were made in that plant, but I'm not sure when they switched to the other factory they used... I think it was FujiGenGakki, which started in around 1980.


It seems like the best Yamahas came on the scene around 1980, with models of Les Paul "lawsuit" copies under the names of "Studio Lord" and "Lord Player." The Super Axes (SA) also arrived in 1980 and were a hit. I like them better then the Gibson ES-335s they copy. Built tougher and with excellent tone.


Anyway, that's what I know - anyone feel free to jump in and fill in the blanks.


And the pictures you guys posted of Navigators and that Tokai I have on my site - they are some of the evidence of the excellent guitars coming out of Japan in the past and present.




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