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Anyone have a PAIA "stack in a box" tube preamp?


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Hi folks:


I stumbled across www.paia.com the other day. I'm actually a bassist, and I'm wondering how I could tweak this guy to be very bass-friendly. The price is certainly right for a tube preamp, even though it's an "assemble it yourself" kit. Does anyone have one, and are you willing to share any details about it?


The site mentions a review in Guitar Player, but not how long ago that review was. I've searched at www.guitarplayer.com, and I didn't get any hits on "PAIA" or "Stack in a box". Does anyone have a link to that article?


Best regards,


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- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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Yeah, Mr. Anderton was behind the SIAB's design, and I believe that he penned that article in Guitar Player years ago. It wasn't so much a "review", per se, as it was a project outline and article. It looked to be a good preamp, although the person building it would have a lot to do with the outcome...


I'm sure I've got that issue around here somewhere, but please don't ask me to hunt it up! Talk to Mr. Anderton.

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