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As flames shot from my fingertips ....

Dave da Dude

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Last night I finally got myself, my Highway 1 Strat, Randall Tube Pro II and cables all together in the large (mostly empty) bulding where I work.


It was awesome. I felt like flames or lightening bolts were shooting from my fingertips down the cable and out the speaker. :thu:


I had the Master Volume "cranked" (for me) to 5 or 6, the gain to 5 or 6 and the guitar volume to 9 or 10. I loved it. The first time I've ever been able to let the whole combination loose :cool:


When I went to put everything away I noticed that I had had the "Power Switch" on the back set to "1/3 Power" instead of "Full Power" :eek:

I can get THREE times as much out of it :D:D


btw, I noticed (for the first time) last night that the 1 x 12 is a Celestion G12 .... - 70 :cool:

Gotta' geetar... got the amp. There must be SOMEthing else I... "need".
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Congrats Dave!

I've done similar things once in a while, and it's a great feeling to be able to just crank it up and go!

I did that a couple of times where I worked. It was a big stage with a 765-seat auditorium. I felt like I was on cloud nine for days afterward.


Now just wait until you crank that bugger up to full power :thu: .

May all your thoughts be random!

- Neil






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that rocks man. I put my amp out on my deck once and cranked it up. I told my mom to time how long it took the neighers to call to tell me to turn down. I started shreding and what do u know, minute and a half later we got calls. Its cause everyone around me is old. SOO, i turned it all the way down from 9 to 7 :D

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Originally posted by DARKLAVA:

Turn that shit down!!!!......


says Jimi with two marshall stacks directly behind him :D
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