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OT: Starwars Kid is sad

A String

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I must live under a rock. :wave: I never even heard of this kid or video until now :(


Now that I saw the video, I don't see what all the hubbub is about. The kid should have more concerns than just the aftermath of this video. He should consider staying away from Burger King for a while and then do a more graceful sequel. As he is, he'd do a great Jabba the Hut though :D

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What is going to be really sad is if he ends up taking his life over this.


I've seen the video, and yeah, I thought it was pretty funny. What's funny about it -to me-, is the stupid shit people do when they are alone.


It was a cruel joke though. Kids love to point fingers and make jokes....even the nice kids will do that.

What makes it even harder is that the Star Wars kid is right there in the middle of adolesence. GAWD, what difficult time THAT IS! EVERYTHING is about image and how you fit in.


If I did something like that now, and it ended up on the Internet, I be pissed about it, but I'd eventually have a laugh and see if I couldn't use it as leverage for a record deal or something.


But if it happened to me at 14 or 15....shit...I would have wanted to DIE...


It's funny though.... People talk about Big Brother, and how the government is watching us. But weigh that in against all of the people carrying cell phone cameras now! They have a sign posted in the locker room where I workout FORBIDDING those things.


Let's face it, you're being watched...by EVERYBODY around YOU. Don't do anything stupid! :eek:


Originally posted by cosmo115:

As he is, he'd do a great Jabba the Hut though :D

Ooooh, you're cruel, cruel, cruel...

Super 8


Hear my stuff here


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Yeah, it's not nice to make fun of people, but I've seen the video and the various stages of production that it went through. The kids actually made him look a lot cooler than not. I'm sure if he had done it all himself and added the effects, he would have been proud. But, kids are cruel and most likely he was getting picked on before any of this. Geez, I'm glad I'm not in school anymore.
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I've often wondered if the kids that gang up on "the fat kid" know how much they are hurting him. I've often wondered if they care.


It is human nature to want to fit in and be accepted. For a young kid, trying to find his niche, this is even more important. Some kids, driven by ridicule and rejection have even taken their own lives. It's really a shame.


I'd use the expression "Kids can be cruel", but I think it's more appropriate to say "People can be cruel".

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I have a feeling that this was not the first incident with this kid, and I also think this kid was probably having some feelings of alienation and isolation prior to this.


While I also did laugh many times at this viseo and the very funny modifications to it, I can understand that if was not a class clown or Thespian, it could send him to the psych ward.


I'm not saying at all that it was his fault, but he definitely should have embraced his new stardom, even if it meant self parodying himself. I know it's a different circumstance, but Ellen Feiss did so, and she made it through with no ill effects except for some loving websites. Again, I lmow this is a different situation. It's a shame.

"For instance" is not proof.


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He's just got to come to grips with the whole thing, the good, the bad, the funny, the cruel... all of it. There really are a whole LOT of people of all ages all over the world whose own probablems would probably make this pale to near insignificance in comparison; I'd try to get that perspective through to him. Not to tell him that he has no problems, only that they're not as overwhelmingly huge as they may appear! That such things can and are possible to overcome.


Part of this is the simple fact that kids are often unable to fully grasp many concepts that are inherently simple, yet can still elude them. It's all too easy to not "get it" that they're being cruel, selfish, and wildy out of perspective; it's part of how children are hardwired for early survival! "Me, me, me, mine, mine, me, me... !!"

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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