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Caevan O'Shite


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Originally posted by mstreck:

"This has been bugging me for a while... What IS that avatar of yours?"

Originally posted by dougsthang':

"...it's either a snowboard or a native american one hitter..." :freak:

OhmiGAWD, that's too damned funny!


Actually, since this has come up before...


Originally posted by bluestrat:

"Hey Kev,"


"What's with the Alaskan/Northwest thingy for your avatar? What is it?"

Originally posted by Cactus Mike:

"...it kinda looks like a skateboard to me..."

http://www.stoningtongallery.com/images/season_icon.gif (Click on the pic) It's some very cool Native American-styled painted sculpture by Jean Ferrier, "Dark Matter of the Universe" (red cedar, acrylic;

19" x 2" x 63"h, $5,200. I won't be buying it any time soon...) from the collection at the Stonington Gallery. (It's also my first attempt at an off-Forum avatar image, as I fiddle around and figure out how to do some of these things.) I originally came across this when doing searches for things related to various writers in Guitar Player magazine, and one of the artists represented at the Stonington Gallery- a particularly gifted artist and craftsman, I might add- was also named Art Thompson.


(A cedar-chest by Art Thompson) http://www.stoningtongallery.com/artists/images/at_po_chest5.jpg


Now I want to find stuff rooted in Iroquois/Six Nations/Northeastern Native American traditions and culture, as I live here.

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

_ ___ _ Leprechaun, Esquire _ ___ _

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The art of the Haida and Tlingit (pronounced "klinkit") cultures is fascinating. I had the good fortune to visit the Totem Museum in Ketchikan, Alaska. WOW. Cool stuff. I remember being a very young child and being awed by the totem poles at the Smithsonian.


Good design for a guitar! A totem guitar!!! Wow...good idea, Caveman!

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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