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michael saulnier

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No, not the blues song...


The CMT series. :D


It's the one where they mix a "country" performer with a "rock" performer...


The one I'm watching is Pat Benatar and Martina McBride. Whoa, these girls can both kick it out!


Pat's husband Neil Geraldo is playing guitar throughout... he sounds great as always. I really like his style, and all his cool riffs. He's almost NEVER on a list of great players, yet I can't help but get fired up when I hear one of his great driving guitar parts. His solos are well thought out and the audience really seems to be getting into them... cool!


The women's voices really compare with each other... and it's a great matchup.


I'm not usually a CMT viewer, just happened to channel surf and when I saw Pat, I stopped!


BTW, Neil looks like he's using a POD PRO in a rack with a Line6 extension cab...


I have to admit, his sound is excellent. It really fits what he's doing.


His guitars are really cool also. It looks like they're custom, (I vaguely recall that he has something to do with making them?)... Great sound, flashy paint jobs...


I haven't seen many of these crossroads productions before... but I'm gonna keep my eyes out for more.



I'm still "guitplayer"!

Check out my music if you like...



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yeah i saw that a while ago, it was pretty cool. i thought they're voices sounded a little off when they sang together but they're energy was great!ive seen a couple other crossroads, a kid rock and hank williams jr. and john mellencamp and kenny chesney.
hot girls, fast cars, and even louder guitars
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I remember his solos being these one note wonders for about half the solo. Always sounded good, never overplayed. At least that's what I remember.

Hey you white boy there

Go play that funky music

"ok...what's it pay?"


first smoke, then silence

your very expensive rig

dies so gracefully

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have you seen the movie Crossroads caevan?


it's an 80's thing, might be hard to find these days, but it totally inspired me as a young'n. if it was on DVD i'd buy it in a minute.


but if i hear one wise crack about britney spears, i'll sick mr jazz guitar twit on you! :evil:

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