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My first night with a Vox!


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Well I got my new AC30tbx this afternoon and spent most of the day, in between posts, playing around. Then tonight I hauled it down to band practice for the acid test. I went early to give myself the chance to get familiar with the new sound.


I was blown away! It was hard to find a bad tone anywhere, save for the extreme settings on the brilliant channel, it was all good. The distortion that occurs is so smooth, it honks through with a mid heavy bark that just loves to be kicked up the arse with my Z Vex Super Duper. It can be a little treble heavy so it drives the Vox similar to how a Rangemaster unit would. I could go from a whisper to overdriven simply by digging in with my picking hand.


I tried a little a/b box to blend the channels and there really is a wealth of tones to be had. The volumes are very interactive and the tones can be extremely sensitive with brilliant and normal selected together. All this, and the beautiful vibrato/tremolo channel!


I thought I may be sad to see my Deville cross the stage but the Vox more than fills the vacancy. It feels like my first taste of a first class amp, and I think I've found a keeper.


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Awsome Tea! I was thinkin' you got a Wah when I saw the thread title. A Vox Wah is nice, but a AC30tb is much nicer. I gotta pick me up one of dem when I get rich. ;)


Glad to hear about some GAS relief!

I really don't know what to put here.
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Man, that must be a pretty nice sounding amp

Im happy to hear you're happy about it


Oh yea, i ordered my YJ about 2 weeks ago and they still havn't came yet! I find myself still looking out the window everyday waiting for it to arive...

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Glad that you two are such a good match right from the start, and glad that I didn't talk you into something else since that's the case!


of course, now we'll have to get new mp3's of you and the Top Boost in action...

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Thanks for the congratulations guys! It is a very heavy amp, but there's plenty of handles and it seems no harder to transport than my Deville. It's just a little wider, but about the same height.


If anyone is thinking of a new amp in this sort of range you really should give the AC30 a try. I've been playing Stones and Beatles tunes constantly because the tone is so evocative of their best guitar parts. The Tele sparkles and my Les Paul just barks!


Another three hours of band practice tonight too! Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's GAS, GAS, GAS!

Tea. :D

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