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Member Status/ Phil Keaggy


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Yeah, the "member status" thing changes as the odometer rolls around with your post-counts. It doesn't really mean much of anything, it's just a holdover from the post "big bang" days, when the Forum was young and the internet cooling. (Good for "Austin Powers" jokes when ya hit "Gold Member", baby!)


"Better" and "Best" are pretty much as meaningless of holdovers, but I will say that Phil Keaggy is one Hell of a great musician, a musician's musician, up there with the best of'em, if you'll allow me that after my opening statement regarding "Better" and "Best" there...


I used to have a copy of The Wind in the Wheat, an instrumental collection of some years ago. I liked it very much.


As for Phil Keaggy as a point of discussion, you should do a search here on this Forum, as he's come up as a topic more than once, as well as been mentioned in posts here and there.

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Phil does intermittently post on his guestbook on his website in answering his fans... That's pretty cool for one so exhaustingly busy! He's my personal favorite player and an amazingly humble person to boot... Sure wish he'd have grown up next door to me. :D Boggs
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Many (many) years ago I went to a Phil Keaggy concert in Houston. About 20 minutes after the scheduled start time, he walked out on stage by himself. -the band's instrument truck broke down and was about 30 minutes away from arriving.


So...he whipped out his acoustic and sat down on the edge of the stage. For the next 30 minutes he sang and played to the audience by himself.


It was awesome. His guitar accompaniment was so "complete" that he single-handedly captured the essence of each song.


-definitely a world class musician who has not compromised his style.

A Humble man is hard to find.
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I will have to listen to Phil Keagy I haven't heard him before but everyone says he is great. I love acoustic players the most. So many players are only aware of rock guys and think all these rock players are 'masters'. Anyways for me personally Leo Kottke changed my entire focus on guitar for like 6 or 7 years. I also saw this guy Doyle Dykes put on a clinic at Guitar Center and I had to go to the bathroom to change my diapers. I love that whole Travis picking style. I think if you use open tunings alot and then fool around with the travis picking stuff, you will eventually sound really unique. I am going to listen to Phil right now though, if any music is posted anywhere.
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