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Robert Johnson selling his soul, your thoughts?

adam b

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Originally posted by Dave th Dude:

James Brown got soul!
I agree he has soul :cool: , BUT I lost a lot of respect for him after I lived in the area he was raised (Aiken, SC was were I lived) and found he was a wife abuser. :mad:



Yeah, to say that sucks is an understatement; I was just making a glib one-liner there... damn, that bums me out, thinking about that!

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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Originally posted by Marc_Lafrance:

Everything I know about Robert Johnson is from the movie Crossroads. I thought that they were making up the fact that he sold his soul at the crossroads. But according to the movie all he has to do is find a kid who is really good at guitar.... bring him to the crossroads and let him play. The devils associate type guy will show up and bring him to the devils guitar player.. From there the kid he brought will beat the devils guitar player in a very entertaining dual and win his soul back.

...and leave all guitar players in the real world scratching their heads on how to play that "Crossroads theme"!

The thing about that movie is that if Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil, then why was Jack Butler the devils guitar player? You mean to tell me that Jack Butler is better than Robert Johnson? ....right.

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Originally posted by martianrebel:

In the immortal words of Bartholomew Simpson, "Oh, how can someone with glasses that thick be so stupid? Listen: you don't have a soul, I don't have a soul, there's no such thing as a soul!"

Did you miss the rest of the episode? Do you want magic eye doors to not see you, dogs and cats to hiss at you, to lose your sense of humor, to not let your breath fog up the glass, etc.? Please, ALWAYS QUOTE THINGS IN CONTEXT!!! :D
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I haven't a clue whether the legend of Robert Johnson is true but it's a neat story.


I recently saw a rerun of the movie Crossroads featuring Ralph Macchio as a young guitar player. In the flick, the guy who sold his soul to the Devil at the crossroads was Willie Brown (i.e. Robert Johnson's friend in the song Crossroads - " Tell my friend poor Willie Brown").


To win Willie Browns freedom in the movies' finale, Macchio has a neat guitar dual against the Devil's player, Steve Vai. Macchio ends up winning by playing some neo classical riffs that Vai can't keep up with. A crazy but neat little movie.


One thing that Eric Clapton said about Robert Johnson has stuck with me. Robert Johnson, unlike the rest of us, really had no role models or teachers to emulate but pretty much started the blues guitar thing cold - an impressive and innovative accomplishment. Early in Clapton's career, he wouldn't event talk to a blues/rock musician if they didn't know who Robert Johnson was.

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