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Finally in college


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That's frrrriggin'AWESOME! I think your whole music-thing is going to just blossum now, perhaps in unexpected ways.


Oh, and I've just gotta say, God bless college girls! You'll doubtless have to say the same someday, too (if not already!).

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

_ ___ _ Leprechaun, Esquire _ ___ _

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Hell yeah dude! Me too! I'm starting UNC Charlotte monday, and I'm really looking forward to getting in up to my eye-balls!! I'm entering UNCC as a junior, going for a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering tech. What's your major, Rev?


The engineering building is where 5/6 of my classes are, and it's right around the corner from the cafeteria! :cool: Being 28 and attending college in the vicinity of a bunch of 19 year old college girls is pretty damn close to a dream come true. :D


I'm living in my own 1 bedroom apt, and it's great so far!! I too am thinking of starting a band with a friend, but I'm thinking that work will get in the way. :(


Good luck at your university,


Chris B

ASET in Electronics


a.k.a. "El Guapo" ;)


...Better fuzz through science...



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Thanks guys. You're all right. Sooo many hot girls. And fast internet for free, well sort of.

I'm doing prejournalism at CU Boulder, then applying for the actual journalism school in Feb.


I'm loving it already, although I haven't started classes yet guys have any questions, feel free to shoot. Talk to you later.


Shut up and play.
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WOW! I'm jealous!!! CU Boulder girls..... :P


You are headed on a wild and incredible journey, my friend!


Have a great time, just take some time now and again to remember the real reason you're there. It's great to have fun and a very big part of the whole process, but there are also many things to be learned if you want. Since you want to dedicate yourself to journalism, remember to milk as much knowledge out of that place as you can.

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Yeah, good luck to you and to all the guys (and gals) starting college.


Keep everything in perspective. It's a combination of learning, party and friends. Make sure you get enough of each and not too much of any of it (except maybe the learning, it's kinda like ".. too much fun ..", never enough).


An oldie, but a moldie, "This is the first day of the rest of your life."



Gotta' geetar... got the amp. There must be SOMEthing else I... "need".
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This thread got me to reminiscing. I was remembering all the bands & jams I was in in college. I always loved the spontaneous jams the best - someone is in their room playing, and all of a sudden 3 or 4 people have grabbed their guitars and joined in... :):)


I remember one time I was studying for an exam. My friend Doug (his room was about 4 doors down the hall from mine) was in his room and started playing "Satisfaction" on his acoustic. I closed my book, grabbed my acoustic and started to play along. We both came out into the hallway then ran up and down (past each other), playing & singing "Satisfaction" at the top of our lungs. At the end of the song, we both stepped back into our rooms, closed the doors & went back to studying. -- Never said a word to each other thru the whole thing.

Man... I miss stuff like that!

May all your thoughts be random!

- Neil






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Originally posted by RichardAshkenazi:

I quote South Park: "There's a time and a place for everything, and it's called 'college.'"


You're in for a treat. Possibilities galore, in every sense.

One of my favorite quotes, but I thought it was Homer Simpson.


Revo, hope you do well and enjoy the experience!

I did it for 15 years because I worked for a university and took the free hours (6 per semester and 15% off at the bookstore) till I finally got an engineering degree. Gotta love it.


But never fear, you're safe with me... Well maybe. - Les
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Originally posted by jlh:

Originally posted by RichardAshkenazi:

I quote South Park: "There's a time and a place for everything, and it's called 'college.'"
One of my favorite quotes, but I thought it was Homer Simpson.
It might be him too, but I know it was at least South Park. You know, the episode where Mr. Mackey gets in trouble for bringing pot to school for an anti-drug lecture, gets fired, gets evicted, starts experimenting with drugs, and goes to India with his newfound hippie love.
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OK, here's what I learned from SUNY Geneseo: don't try to become a engineer because you always wanted to drive trains. You'll be in for a rude suprise. They booted me out of there due to grades, or a lack of. (Eventually, I got my four-year from CSU Sacramento)


Revoload, you're lucky to have a direction. I was all thrust and no rudder.


Two words of wisdom to all new college people: 1)Enjoy the good times, but be sure to study. 2) Teachers love to hear themselves talk, SO, when you answer questions, (in tests or in orally class) use the teachers' phrases and words as much as possible.


Caevan, I played soccer for Geneseo. We played U of Rochester on the road in 1985. You didn't happen to catch that particular U of R home game, did you? I was the one on the bench, #5, checking out your women. :wave:




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All I can say is...enjoy! By the time I went to college, I was already married with four kids. Not something I'd necessarily recommend, but, on the other hand, I did spend more time studying than partying. Which is how it should be. Kick ass...get good grades, have fun (in moderation). :D
"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Originally posted by revolead:

The more I stay here the better it is. Classes for less than 100 minutes a day.

Plenty of social life. High-speed internet. And I have a hot date. Life finally seems to be looking up. Thanks for the support.

College = Nirvana







I'm still "guitplayer"!

Check out my music if you like...



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