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what keyboard to buy?


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Could anyone recommend a good keyboard that would be able to connect to my laptop (via usb) for under or around $200 (including the price of any cables required)? I don't care too much about the brand or special features, as long as it could connect to my laptop, and it has a decent amount of keys (76+ would be nice, although it's not necessary). Thanks in advance.
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Then you're probably looking for a MIDI controller.


Try a forum search for some ideas, or under the MIDI controller category of music dealer websites.

Casio WK 3200: $250.00

Behringer Ultratone FX900: $180.00

Roadrunner bag: $40.00

Intrument cable: $25.00

Radioshack Stand: $10.00

Rocking out of the cheapest equipment you can find: priceless.

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for this money an M-Audio 61 controller would be just fine. Not great keyboard action but it has USB cable that goes with for free. You can have a look at www.m-audio.com and search for "midi keyboard controllers". There are many other brands that have similar controllers, but i believe M-audio has the less expensive ones in the market.
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