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Anyone tried out a Roland Juno G yet?


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I'm scaling down the live rig a little, and I'm looking at the G to take care of sequencing, a bit of sample playback, and of course some keys sounds. I hear the keybed is not exactly stellar, but it's not so much a concern, as I'll be using an S80 & PEK as well.

The ram would need to be expanded as well, do Rolands use standard sticks?

Thoughts, experiences / horror stories?





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Obviously you didnt see my I slept with juno-g thread :)

Juno-g has great sequencer so easy to use that you dont need read manual at all. Sounds except the piano are fantastic. Piano is only good.

It accepts 168 pin PC 133 up to 512mb memory from older computers. Plus CF cards up to 1GB. Fully loaded it can record up to 55 minutes or so of audio. Juno-g makes perfect sound module and sequencer to my new S90ES. Cute little instrument.

Keys are not good, but in my setup does't matter.

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I'd hoped I could use the G as a songwriting machine and have it double as an unweighted keyboard playing some external sounds as well as the clav patches in the SRX-12 board that I was going to install in it. Was. All I can do is warn you to play the keyboard before you buy. It's a great songwriting tool, the sounds are quite good in that Roland sort of way, but the keys are amongst the worst I've played.

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I've played the Juno-G a bit at the music store after seeing Delirium's initial review of it, and I definitely think it's a sweet little board for the price; agree also that all the sounds are great except the piano sounds. I also agree that you need to play it as whether or not the keys are good is subjective. I prefer "easy to play" keys like the Juno-D and Juno-G have, so I atually liked it a lot. If you're used to weighted keys or a piano though, it will take some getting used to. Not everyone's cup of tea.

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