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Calling All Triton Users


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I bought a used Triton Rack from a guy on Craigslists this weekend at a good price; at least I think so - $350. I wasn't looking for a triton. I just needed some good bread and butter sound. I have been looking for a Yamaha or kurz. rack, but the triton seemed like a good deal. Played with most of the weekend.


I have used tritons on gigs before have been somewhat happy with them. I am not happy with the piano or elec. piano offerings. I am considering buying the Piano/Keys card for it.


Does anyone here use the Piano/Keys card? Is it a big improvement over the presets? Thanks.



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See below. I was looking for a good Rhodes sound for my Triton as well. I never heard the product indicated below so I can't vouch for it (I purchased a Motif-ESR). Re: Grand Piano, the piano sound card Korg sells for the Triton is a slight improvement, but not much. They were including them at no additional charge when I purchased my Triton a few years ago. Hope this helps.





I looking for good Rhodes sounds for my Korg Triton (classic). I'm not at all happy with the factory Rhodes programs. What would you recommend from your collection?




That's easy! Check out the Killer Keyboards Collection (Volume #5). Lots of fine rhodes sounds in that one.



If you need any more info just let me know.



Michael Roberts

Kid Nepro Productions



Sound Forum; http://www.thepatchking.com/forum/

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


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