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9cm Too long...?

Colonel Trouble

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I thought the thread title would get the attention it needs!


I'm looking to buy a ritter gig bag for my S90ES, but in comparing the measurements of the bag and the keys, it appears the bag is going to be 8.c cm too short for the board.. Now my question is, do we reckon that the bag will stretch enough to let the board fit, or will it just be a no hope...

All the other measurements of the bag are the right size, infact are bigger than the S90ES so its only the height (l) thats too small.


The other reason that this one is appealing to me, is because it can be delivered by thursday, the night I'm due to be playing a gig in the same place as Deacon Blue and Orson are. Neither of whom as far as I know were/are very famous in the states, but Orson were a band in LA who werent hitting the big time over there, but they came to the UK in 2005 I think it was and got a record deal 4 months after arriving..

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there is no way any bag could stretch 9cm...dont risk it


And how do you expect to stretch it....

the rack is no longer a dungeon accessorie in Glascow



[but were you thinking because it is wider and taller you could fake it, as the excess side width could possibly be pulled to expand the ends enough to fit it in all cockeyed like.?]..not worth it.Later youll always regret the horrible fit...if indeed it does fit.

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I have the same problem with my S90ES and gator soft bag I have, so I may need to order

the Gator GK-288-SLIM ATA case.

it supposedly fits S90ES.


Gator GK-288-Slim Size and Dimension:


* Interior Length=54"

* Interior Width=15"

* Interior Height=6"

♫♫♫ motif XS6, RD700GX
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