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Buying a Motif ES8.


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Hey guys, I am buying my first Keyboard!!!


The Motif ES8 , now I see them all over the internet for the fairly firm price of $2600 USD. however my Idiot-of-a roomate says his old shop sold them for less than $2000 new.

Is he full of @#$%? He hasn't showed me, but he just tells me not to spend the $2600. And I will admit I don't want to get ripped off.



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I'm looking at a MotifES8 and the best price I have gotten so far is $2,100.


Your roommate is right, $2,600 is too much. :cool:



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Most music stores will negotiate with you. I worked at one for years and found that the most savvy musicians never paid the asking price. If every site is listing it at $2599 you would likely be able to knock a couple hundred off at least. A general rule of thumb is to knock 20%-40% of tha MSRP depending on the product and brand you are looking at. The dealers usually pay considerably less than MSRP, and often get structured discounts depending on how many units they order.


Keyboards generally cost the dealers a little more than most other instruments, but I would suspect you can get around 30% off MSRP. The challenge is making sure the store is showing the most up to date MSRP. With that said, $2100 sounds like a realistic deal, but below $2000 is a bit suspicious, as that would be around cost for the dealer. Now, if the dealer knows a new line is coming in and wants to clear the inventory, then you will see that kind of discount. Otherwise, if it's at that price it is probably a floor model or open box/B-stock.

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