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How do I find new voices for Yamaha MO8


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A friend has acquired a Yamaha MO8, which I'll be playing in church for the next year or so. It has a number (~8) of pipe organ sounds. These are combinations of stops. I'd like to build up my own stop combinations from the basic pipe sounds, so I tried to find downloadable voices for this instrument.


However after some time googling, I can't find any voices for sale.


I'm either looking in the wrong place, or the instrument is too new and the market has yet to develop, or I can't do what I'm trying to.


Any pointers/suggestions welcome.


BTW, although I've only played this keyboard for an hour or so, I already like the much increased range of voices. The previous instrument was a Yamaha Claviolina - which had a great piano sound, but that was about the only useful voice. I do notice, however, that there it is much more sensitive to pressure of touch - I shall have to learn to play more evenly.


Best Regards,


Adrian Stephens

(Cambridge, UK)

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