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3 MIDI devices into one sound module - advice?


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I have a Roland XV-5050 sound module. The "real" keyboard player in our band uses his Korg keyboard, which has built-in sound generation. But for the song "Living On A Prayer", he needs to use a sound that only my XV-5050 (with SRX-07 expansion card) has. I would like to take a 30 foot MIDI cable, and program a custom "Performance" on my XV-5050 that would allow him to use his keyboard (on MIDI channnel 3) to use the patch from my XV-5050. I will be playing a very simple part on my keyboard, just to fill in some extra noise. Everything from my M-Audio controller is set up to send out on MIDI channel 1, and I will soon hook up a Roland PK-5 footpedal controller on MIDI channel 2 (for use on other songs, but not on this one). My M-Audio keyboard controller does not have a MIDI though jack, although I believe the PK-5 does. I am concerned about the best way to hook up all of this. I have read other Topics here, where it was suggested that it was best to avoid using MIDI though, and instead get some kind of MIDI junction box.


I did a Search, and read through this old thread:

Topic: MIDI latency (started by Mezzo on 09-25-2004 05:55 AM).


I doubt that I will ever need to hook up more than 3 MIDI devices to my XV-5050, and I prefer a simple, brain-dead solution if one is available. In case it is not obvious, I am pretty new to using MIDI. Can you provide some advice on whether it would be a good idea to avoid using "MIDI through", whether I should get some type of basic MIDI junction box, and if so, what kinds would you look at?


Also, if anyone thinks this whole concept is a bad idea, please let me know your concerns. Thanks!

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