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Another GAS attack in my studio...

Dave The Rave

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I just ordered a new midi sound module for my studio to cover a bunch of sounds I have missing from my collection. It can be played from a keyboard/sequencer via midi, however, some players like to input stuff manually to it with triggers. Here's a picture of what I ordered:




I'm going to have to master the manual input method required for this new sound module, but how hard can it be? You only have to worry about 4 limbs as opposed to 10 digits for the keys, right?! :D



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Ohhhhhhh. :eek:



Aahhhhhhhh. :cool:



Nice. I have the poor folks version. SP-11 Kit and a couple VDrums all routed to a TD8. Oh, and a Handsonic. You gotta get a Handsonic to make it complete. Then you have an option of using using 10 fingers again. :D



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Wow, that was fast! The kit arrived this morning by FedEx Frieght just as I was about to go to work. I got one of my big strong sons to help. We unpacked the pallet and took the boxes up to my studio room. I have plenty of room for it, no worries there.


Oh yeah, I forgot to tell y'all, I ordered a Mackie sub-woofer to go with my HR-824's too. I couldn't believe how big that thing is!! It's HUGE!!! Bet it sounds nice. Can't wait to wire it all up......


I should go home from work early and put it all together and wire it up....cough, cough.....I feel a touch of sciviitis coming on....sniff, atchoooo!


Photos to come soon.




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