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Kurzweil PCR-1 Orch Exp. Royal Orchestra Setup...


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hey kurzweil experts.

I have a PC2r now with the orchestral expansion installed and I've noticed that in the setup called Royal Orchestra there is a huge delay when playing repeated big chords (6 notes...)very fast, (I mean very fast!)

Is it normal?

I think it only happens with this setup and with the Orch & Choir MW setup...


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Ummmm... I don't have that piece of gear, nor have I ever heard that particular patch, but it sounds to me as though the attack time and release time of the patch are set to have a certain length to them. Your second message seems to back this up.


What happens if you play a single chord staccato? Does the sound play instantaneously, or does it take a second to reach full volume?


What happens if you do the staccato test at different dynamics? Does the patch behave differently at ppp than at fff?


When you're playing your "repeated big chords" are you depressing the sustain pedal?


There are a number of things that could explain this behaviour... but maybe the suggestions above will help clear this up.

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If you take the time to study, for example, the Royal Orchestra set-up, you'll discover that it calls up to ten simultaneous layers per note struck. So when you play fast 6 or 7 note chords, you ask for 60 to 70 notes to be played at a time, with a standard 64 voice polyphony. Since the PC2 isn't equipped with 256 parallel processors like Deep Blue, it tries to do its best. Note that it's certainly not worse than most equivalent models/brands on the market in that area (processing speed). So to avoid this so-called delay, you could also buy the polyphony expansion.


But the real problem here is that you are attempting to play very fast chords on sounds that have a natural amount of attack. In a real world situation, if a conductor asks everyone in the orchestra to play prestissimo, it won't sound much better, since instruments like bassoons, tubas, horns and trombones - just like the ones you're calling in that patch - have a certain natural amount of attack. In other words, use the synth according to the corresponding real situation. Otherwise, it will sound weird, just like the real thing would.


If I play a ragtime using the best sampled acoustic guitar sound in the world, it will be obvious it's not played by a guitarist. And the wonderful acoustic guitar sample will sound terrible. So if you want to play acoustic guitar or orchestral passages on a synth, you need to imagine yourself as the guitarist or the orchestra in the first place and play accordingly.

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Yeah, there are a lot of notes

I just thought the lack of polyphony would make some of the notes disappear in the middle of the mix and not continues to sound after I playbut I guess there are too much to process

But that is all right, this is a wonderful piece of gear!!!


Btw, when playing single patches there is not any delay, the staccato patches are wonderful!!!

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