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Hammond XK3 question


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I don't know if it is the most current version, but 1.203 was released about 2 years ago.

This was not released as an update/upgrade. It just became the version of software installed at manufacture. I have only heard of one person being sent the software and it was because it was thought that somehow the loaded software had become corrupted. As far as I know, reinstalling the software resolved his issue. I don't know what version was in his XK-3 to start with.


The main changes in that version were: adding a second option to the noise gate parameter and changes in the way split mode and the pedal tones work when the XK-3 is in IN1/IN2 mode (as opposed to Lower/Pedal mode). Lower/Pedal or IN1/IN2 modes are how incoming MIDI data is handled by the XK-3. Lower/Pedal mode is pretty much plug and play - whatever is connected to MIDI In 2 is the lower manual, whatever is connected to MIDI In 1 plays the pedals. Transmitting channel doesn't matter. IN1/IN2 mode allows more complex arrangements.


The info regarding the update indicates a setting that smoothes out the way volume changes with some expression pedals was also added. My XK-3 is version 1.000 and it has this setting. It may also have the MIDI and split changes above as well.


The change to the noise gate was to add a middle parameter between off and threshold. This was because effects like a real spring reverb that were inserted through the send/return loop were cut off when the signal dropped below the noise gate threshold. The added parameter lowers the noise threshold and provides a second option. I have always left the noise gate off on mine.



I found additional info, there were also some changes to preset Bank A# and the demo songs.

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Originally posted by Bluzkeys:

I emailed HS about 3 weeks ago asking what the current version is and they said it was v1.2


That is also the version printed on the box that my XK3 came in.

Thanks for the replies guys!


I took delivery of my XK3 last night and it said V 1.2 on the box as well.


I can't wait to spend some serious time with the manual and get the most out of this incredible piece of gear.




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