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Slightly OT, sligthly: Need organ donor!/viscount


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And it is urgent. So if anybody of you has got a B3 lying around that you don't need anymore (happens all the time I guess) would you dare to do an organ transplant to germany? :wave:


And now, less kidding: has anybody of you ever played on one of these?




They are quite cheap (555) for an organ clone and I wonder why. Crappy sound, bad quality, who has made experiences with it? (I have never heard of "Viscount" before)

The Dromb Bopper
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I have one of their pre-Oberheim (pre-Gibson) model D-9s. I don't know if it's the same (doubt it). I still use it from time to time, but only piped through a real Leslie. When I bought it there was little competition for portables. Hammond-Suzuki had come out with their first model but the high end was so harsh and I thought the Viscount was a little less harsh sounding. Truth is, you can get a half decent sound from almost anything when you run it through a 122. Not sure what 555 is in dollars, but it might be worth the price.
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