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Amps and volts...


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No then troops, I'd appreciate a few pearls of your infinite wisdom:


Bought myself an XK1 recently - in love with it, totally! but the time has come to get out on the road and I need a combo/amp of some description. As any of you who know the XK1 will appreciate, it's quite bright and so I think I need a very warm possibly valve-driven rounded sound that gently rolls of some of the natural brightness whilst adding a bit of organic grit.


If money was no option I think the motion sound products would be a reasonably safe bet but just I'm keen to hear what you all think. I'm not after a forensic analysis of my options, just a few pointers as to what works well for you and so on.


Many thanks!


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What's your budget?


How big are the rooms where you will be playing?


Do you want something small, or is a larger amp OK?


For organ, it's best to have a rotating horn. If you're relying on the internal Leslie sim, it's nice to have a stereo setup. A 15" woofer will give you solid bass. You need all the amplifier power you can get.


So, it really comes down to how much you want to spend, and how much size/weight you can handle.



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I think I would look into the Speakeasy leslie. It is pricey but I would buy that over the MS that I have heard.



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Thanks guys, good info so far.


In terms of cost I'd like to spend up to £500 GB but will reconsider the budget for the right amp.


Like many people I need something reasonably powerful for rehearsing with a live drummer and that could also be pushed into doing the odd small gig wihtout PA assistance.


At the grand ole' age of 31 I don't have the patience to cart a full size leslie around. Been there, done that - got the hernia to prove it!


Thanks again,


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