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Harmony Central????


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I only use HC for product reviews and selling stuff.


Looked at their mess of forum. Found my way over here. Best thing I could have done. :)


I'll say it again, KC (you cats) are happening. :cool:



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Originally posted by burningbusch:

Nice re-design. :mad::mad: As far as I can tell, the site is now worthless for me. The main page has forum junk (f#$@ their forums). They re-direct you to a shopping page, but that's BS.


Anyone find the basic industry announcements?



+1 Totally agree. The forum I'll occasionally check, but the industry news I would check often because it was convienent. That whole "Shopping" thing isn't just BS, it's downright insulting. "Now on sale at Musician's Friend!" Like I really care.


Knew it had to happen someday. How long has it been since HC's new ownership?

This is where you put your gear list that no one reads anyway!
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I found it a lot easier to dismiss Harmony Central before the infusion of Music Player moderators and members happened. I enjoyed Craig's and Phil's forums when they were here; and I still do now that they're there, for example. In addition to the forums, Craig has really gone out of his way to add lots of new and great content to the site; and he's very responsive to complaints. With Craig at HC, I have every confidence that the New Products section will remain and continue to be updated as long as readers are interested.


Any site that huge and unwieldily has to be something of a mixed bag though, and I can certainly understand why parts of it turn people off; but if you pick and choose, you can have a good experience at Harmony Central.





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MF-GC at Harmony Central


It would help a lot more if MF would hire more knowledgeable sales people instead of "kids", and offer some "value added" service instead of the way most of their stores are run now. :rolleyes:


Most of the folks that hang out on HC are $$$ smart and blue collar buyers. I doubt that MF and GC will see any wind fall from those guys. :cool:


Mike T.

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