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kurz C4 notes?


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Originally posted by dalpozlead:

any comments?

This so-called problem isn't perceptible except if you do like those guys, that is set your audio microscope to 500X and listen to each individual note and try to find all the possible subjective artifacts one may dislike from one note to another. How many times will you record a piano piece playing one individual note after the other like this? :)


I've never find this to be a "problem" on my PC2XL. And for those who want perfection, they can order a $200K Bösendorfer or Fazioli, but it's another category. The Kurzweil piano shows its personality subtleties, like any acoustic grand also have its particular slight unevenness. Of course again, as Zappa said, we're talking about listening with a central scrutinizer set to the extreme. ;)

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